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Djembient Japan

Djembient Japan is a genre of music which is a mixture of Djembe (West African Instrument) and Ambient (Chill out music) in Japan.
But, this genre is not popular yet, defined by a club Dj, Dj Akira Sada who is elaborated below and still growing.
And you can't miss an album called "The Cross of Rhythm" by Dj Akira Sada which is also explained below.
Because that is "Djembient Japan".
We hope you can see the concept and enjoy the amazing world of "Djembient Japan".
Thank you.

The Cross of Rhythm

The Cross of Rhythm is an music album played by Dj Akira Sada with African instrument, Djembe.
Contemporary West and East culture and Traditional North and South culture is crossing at this point as a rhythm of music.
If you listen, you can see it directly and experience it deeply.
We are glad when you feel fine after the short period of time.

Akira Sada : The representitive of Djembient Japan

Akira Sada (Dj Akira Sada) is an artist who is specialized in music especially the African percussion called Djembe.
He started music career in 1993 as a club Dj in Tokyo.
But he has gotten a serious disease, schizophrenia in 1999.
Thanks to efforts by himself and people involved, he recovered almost same condition with the one before he has gotten the desease.
During the rehabilitation period, he changed his style of music from Dj to Djembe.
He was born in 1972 in Tokyo, and grow up in Tochigi prefecture. Once he graduated college majoring in Social Engineering, he changed his career to musician.
He now live in his home country, Tochigi, so please feel free contact us if you would like to experience his live music in his neighborhood.